Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Instructions for Irene

Jack is going to be with Irene and Kai this term when Mum goes to work.

Here are the instructions, all that really matters is that they are all happy!

Jack Duncan 9 months
Allergies - Milk and Soy


9.30 SLEEP

11.00 BOTTLE

12.00 LUNCH

1.30 SLEEP


If Jack is very upset give him his dummy and take him outside.
Please call me at any time.

Other Information

* Jack needs to be wrapped tightly
* Jack likes to sleep on his side, wrapped with a dummy on a soft mattress with blankets to support. He needs to be rocked until his eyes start to close.
* Jack usually sleeps for an hour and a half but sometimes only 40 minutes.
* Wake time is 2.5 - 3 hours
* Jack uses his dummy for bed time only

* Jack loves watermelon and noodles and he prefers to feed himself.
* Jack loves animals
* He likes the jolly jumper and walks in the pram
* He plays 'round and round the garden'

* Jack should leave no more than 60mls in a bottle
* He can hold his own bottle but is easily distracted
* Jack usually drink about 180mls of goats milk formula

* Jack hates having his nappy changed
* He is scared of the blender
* Jack will wake if the phone rings, even if he has only been asleep for a short time


Jules said...

Jack's probably scared of the blender cause he hears it so often when I'm making margaritas and he knows they're not for him.

Mum said...

Well all went like a dream yesterday. Jack had two long sleeps right on time and was a good boy all day with Irene. Jack and Kai slept for over an hour at the same time in the afternoon so that Irene could have some peace. There wasn't a tear or a tantrum and both of the boys were happy.