Monday, June 11, 2007

A Long Weekend - A post from mum

It has been a very long weekend as Jack has been sick for the first time. We have seen 3 nurses and 3 doctors in 3 days. We have been to the clinic twice and emergency 3 times (for tests etc.) We finally have a verdict - secondary lactose intolerance caused by a tummy bug he probably got from swimming lessons. He has been pretty happy though and his only problem is having about 10 nappies per day and a very red bottom.

The paediatrician yesterday said that it would probably take another week or two before he is back on track and not to worry too much even though he hasn't put on any weight in a month - apparently he has plenty of fat to spare! After 5 months we are pretty lucky that this is the first time that our boy has been sick and we'll keep you posted because we are sure he'll be better soon.

Get well soon Jack - Love Mum & Dad

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