Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jack goes to Balina and Byron Bay

It was a long trip to Ballina and Back but Jack did well. Jack was out of routine and hated being shuffled around at the airport and in and out of the car. There were a few hectic moments! Jack met Great Grandpa and they got along really well. We all stayed at Aunty Rhonda and Col's place and they were so helpful and had the perfect place to stay with a baby. Aunty Rhonda has a bouncer and toys and even a baby bath. Jack was very comfortable at Aunty Rhonda's and he was happy to hang out there all day. Thank you Rhonda and Col!

Jack's second cousins did a great job reading him a story and playing with him. Jack had fun hanging with the hippies in Byron but it was so hot and sunny that the boy soon got fed up with mum shopping. It was a great trip but we are so glad to be home. Make sure to see the web album.

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